Sulfate cleanup plays key role in green steel transition, says climate group

CCL's four climate solutions for northern Minnesota

In northern Minnesota, the Northland chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby is focusing on green iron and steel production as a regional response to a changing industry and a changing climate. The Iron Range has adapted to economic shifts in the past, and now the rapidly decarbonizing iron and steel industry could bring opportunity for jobs and innovation to the Range, say the presenters in a new 23-minute CCL video. It’s not a question of jobs versus the environment; it’s jobs for the environment.

Among the keys to the transition is sulfate remediation: cleaning up sulfate pollution in mining-impacted waters, especially in the wild rice areas so significant to the state’s indigenous cultures. The last portion of the video (starting at the 18:45 mark) features Clearwater Biologic. See the full video here: Green Steel and Other Clean Energy Opportunities: Jobs for Northern Minnesota and the Environment.