Iron Range could be poised for green steel production

Green steel plant in Boden, Sweden

Oct. 13, 2022: How could northern Minnesota help revolutionize the iron and steel industry? “The potential is there for a process that goes right from mine to steel on site,” said an editorial on a talk given October 12 by Jeff Hanson of Clearwater BioLogic. The editorial in The Timberjay (northern St. Louis County, MN) continued,  “And if powered by green hydrogen produced from renewable sources of energy, it could be the greenest steel produced on the planet. Rather than being part of the problem in warming the planet, Minnesota and the Iron Range could be part of the solution, all while the industry employs far more people than it does today.” In addition to his work on sulfate remediation, Hanson is one of the practical visionaries outlining a greener, more prosperous future for the Iron Range. Read the editorial online or as a PDF.  Pictured: In northern Sweden, the first green hydrogen–powered steel plant (details).