Formation of Clearwater BioLogic

In early 2018, Clearwater Layline worked with RNAS Remediation Products to define new electron donor and nutrient feed possibilities that will significantly reduce the operating costs of the biological part of the sulfate reduction system. This biological system is patented under US-10.597.318-B2 and US-11.104.596.

The second step of the system incorporates reactive, metalic iron. This iron has been reduced from iron oxide by removing the oxygen to create a reactive iron that bonds with the hydrogen sulfide produced biologically in the first step. See System Details for more information.

A new company, Clearwater BioLogic, LLC, was then formed between Jeffrey Hanson of Clearwater Layline, LLC and Bill Newman of RNAS Remediation Products Inc. to install and operate sulfate reduction systems based on this combined technology. In 2018, Clearwater BioLogic was chosen for the University of Minnesota’s MN Cup Challenge, a competition for new enterprises. Showcasing its sulfate-reduction system, the company was a division semifinalist and the winner in the “Best Startup in Greater Minnesota” category. Media attention included a May 2018 interview with Jeffrey Hanson by Minnesota Public Radio’s Elizabeth Dunbar: Can science settle the dispute over wild rice? Babbitt native says yes, by imitating nature.

Clearwater BioLogic provides Sulfate Solutions: Following Nature’s Lead.