A floating idea gains traction

March 1, 2024: How do Clearwater Biologic’s sulfate-reducing bioreactors actually work? In the Mesabi Tribune, reporter Lee Bloomquist explains the process in simple terms (Feb. 28, 2024). His interview with Jeff Hanson and Bill Newman also shows the broader potential of the project. Housed on rafts in mine pit lakes, these bioreactors clean up sulfate-laden waters before they can flow downstream. And they’re also an example of a practical way to “bridge the environment versus mining debate,” as Hanson puts it.  It’s a triple win, offering an affordable way for mining companies to clean up their pollutants, bring environmental jobs to the Iron Range, and protect the wild rice waters so significant to the indigenous peoples of the area, and indeed all Minnesotans. Read the article “Clearwater Biologic floats sulfate reduction pilot project” online.